Wendy Wells-Bailey is one of a group of artists that graduated from the London Art Academy, UK who were influenced by the Fauvists, Cubists, Futurists and other early 20th century artists. Matisse, Derain, Braque and Duffy, among others, created exciting and vibrantly coloured works of art. Wendy has been further influenced by such Art Deco artists as Tamara de Lempicka, and Arts & Crafts Movement architects Mary Jane Colter and Frank Lloyd Wright. The reworking of their style and colour combined with her love for Meso-American art and culture has become her signature style.

Wendy publishes her works as limited edition giclée prints of editions no larger than 98 for small works and 25 for her larger pieces. Her original artworks and art prints can be found in galleries as well as collectors homes and offices throughout the world.

Wendy lives in southern British Columbia. Surrounded by the magnificent forests of the Pacific Rim, her home is a vital part of her inspiration and well-being.