Desert Eagle Fine ArtHistory of Desert Eagle Fine Art
What started in 1992 as a personal working studio has, over the years, evolved into the very successful gallery. In the beginning, our fellow artists would gather in our studio on Friday nights to exchange ideas and provide mutual support and encouragement. Of course when more than two artists get together the talk always turns to shows, and so it began.

We started with private studio shows for ourselves and our friends. We eventually ran out of space as our shows began to attract more and more people. We moved to our first commercial gallery location on Easy Street in Carefree, Arizona but that space soon became too small for our plans. It took two more moves before we had the size and location we were looking for in Cave Creek, Arizona.

As the popularity of the gallery spread, we were invited by a pre-eminent Arizona TV station to do a monthly arts program on their morning show. Through this program we had the privilege of interviewing some of North America’s finest artists. With our recognized ability to create gallery events that touch audiences at every interest level, we had the privilege of co-founding the popular Sonoran Arts League annual show which yearly features over 100 top artists. We also created wonderful shows for children. Often being on location gave us an opportunity to meet the public and discover their artistic needs.

Desert Eagle Fine Art today
The Desert Eagle Fine Art gallery online epitomizes the ongoing and on-growing dynamic of our gallery. With today’s changing focus on the internet, we knew it was time to take Desert Eagle Fine Art onto an online venue where we can continue to show the works of exceptional artists to even wider audiences.

Diane CarterAbout Diane Carter
Diane Carter has been exposed to fine art collecting since a very young age. She accompanied her late father to many exhibitions in his quest to expand his own collection. Owning an art gallery was a logical path.

Diane notes, “My greatest thrill is to discover an artist with exceptional talent and give her/him an opportunity to be the best that they can be”. It’s not all gallery work for Diane. She also creates fine jewelry using the techniques of the Peoples of Native North America, and her pieces are worn by fashionable women throughout North America. She is also a skilled Navajo weaver, having studied for many years with two master Navajo weavers. Diane has also earned two Masters degrees in Anthropology and Ethnology.

Wendy Wells-BaileyAbout Wendy Wells-Bailey
Wendy Wells-Bailey always knew she was an artist. As a teenager she traveled up to London every weekend to visit the venerable galleries. Her visits would take her to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Museum, the Tate gallery, and the many little hidden galleries that abound in London.

When Wendy moved to North America, her life-long love for the art and culture of the Native North America Peoples began. By 1992 she had become a well-publicized artist with a reputation as a Fauvist with her clean sweeping lines and bold colors. Wendy’s original works can be found in the homes of collectors throughout North America and Great Britain. It has been featured on local and PBS television and also on the walls of the United States Senate offices, Marriott Hotels, the Mayo Clinic, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and many corporate offices. Wendy’s work is also part of the Smithsonian Institute collection of American Women Artists along with Georgia O’Keefe, and Emily Carr.

Wendy is the original “signature artist” of the Trail of the Painted Ponies and has two ponies currently in collectable circulation: Sky Rider and the Phoenix Airport exclusive, Phoenix Pony. The Trail of the Painted Ponies is the number one collectable in North America today.

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